Sanctuary States & Cities

The Ultimate Guide for Illegal Immigrants and the Politicians who Created Them.

Sanctuary Cities and States

Yes, America is a country of immigrants. But like the vast majority of Americans, included recent immigrants, we want secure borders and immigration policy that is beneficial to the citizens of the United States. That is not currently the case and we blame Joe Biden and those that support him.

For people who are in the United States illegally, we recommend that you return to your home country and apply for legal citizenship. But the best option is to live in a sanctuary state or city. Many sanctuary states and cites have less immigrants that border towns in the South and they have generous financial and legal incentives. Why would you stay in a place like Texas, which has been overwhelmed by tens of millions of unauthorized immigrants, when you could enjoy free housing, food, and legal protections in New York, California, Illinois or Vermont? Moving to a Sactuary State or City is a win for everybody.

This guide will help you identify sanctuary states and cities and explain how to exploit benefits that have been allocated by politicians.

What is the meaning of a Sanctuary State?

Sanctuary states in America pass laws that shelter illegal immigrants from federal laws on immigration. Typically they do not cooperate with federal agencies like the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). So if a person is apprehended for committing a crime, a sanctuary state won’t share that information with ICE so the person can be deported. Instead a sanctuary state may release them back into the community as did New York with the illegal immigrant that murdered Laken Riley.

But what’s bad news for American Citizens is great news for criminals from other countries. You can literally commit a violent crime in states like California, New York and Colorado, and in a lot of cases you won't even be deported or prosecuted. You get protections for criminals not offered in your home country or to American citizens.

So if you are an immigrant in the United States here illegally, or you have a track record for violent crime, or you committed a violent crime here in America, then turn yourself in or go back to your home country. But if you don’t do either of those, then you definitely should go to a sanctuary state like Massachusetts, New Jersey or New Mexico. And make sure to avoid states like Texas and Florida that have passed laws to for apprehend, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants.

What are the Sanctuary States?

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington

New York State

New York is one of the best sanctuary states for illegal immigrants. The state provides unprecedented levels of benefits and protections for illegal immigrants thanks to the generous policies of Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York and her Democratic Party partners.

In September of 2022, unelected Governor Hochul (Democrat) announced the launch of New York State’s Institute for Immigration Integration Research & Policy to help immigrants take advantage of the state’s generous programs for education, housing, and healthcare.
Kathy Hochul Gevernor of New York
"New York is built on the hard work and determination of generations of immigrants, and this Institute will work to improve the lives of those who are trying to build better lives for themselves and their families," unelected Governor Hochul (Democrat). Some of the lives not improved by the program include veterans who lost their homes, students who lost their schools, Black and Hispanics who lost government assistance and their police departments.

And no sanctuary state does more to exonerate hardened criminals, except maybe California. In a single enforcement operation in 2020, ICE officials in New York arrested 54 immigration violators from places like China, El Salvador, Moldova, Pakistan and Mozambique. The arrests included charges of sexual assault against a child, rape and criminal possession of firearms. Thirty of these criminals were released back into poor neighborhoods by the State of New York.

The ICE press release cited Thomas Decker, the ICE field office director, “It’s frightening that New York City politicians created laws that force local law enforcement agencies to release dangerous criminals back into the community despite the seriousness of their crimes.”

So if you are violent criminal here illegally in states like New Hampshire, Maine or Texas, then turn yourself in, leave the county, or just move to New York, recognized as the Best Sanctuary State for escaping prosecution.


Colorado is one of the best Sanctuary States for illegal immigrants. If you are an illegal immigrant in any States close to Colorado such as Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma or Arizona you should leave those States immediately and go to Colorado.

Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis (Democrat)

Jared Polis has been the governor of Colorado since 2019. He is a flaming 🔥 Liberal which means he loves illegal immigrants, defunding the police, and downhill skiing in the absence of minorities.

Jared Polis Gevernor of Colorado
And despite the fact that Colorado governor Jared Polis has expressed support for mass immigration, he simultaneously spent $492,000 to bus some 1,900 migrants out of Denver. According to the Colorado Sun, Polis, a Democrat, authorized the state to spend $492,000 on bus fares to send 399 migrants to Chicago, 345 to New York City and other states. Talk about a hypocrite, Governor Jared Polis tops the list.

Instead of taking one of Governor Polis' free bus tickets and freezing your butt off in New York or Chicago, we encourage illegal immigrants to set up camp in the governor's mansion or the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Sanctuary Cities and States

What is the definition of a Sanctuary City?

According to Wikipedia, a sanctuary city is a municipality that limits or denies its cooperation with the national government in enforcing immigration law.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the 10 largest sanctuary cities in the United States are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Jose, Columbus, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver.

A more complete list of sanctuary cities can be found at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Athens Georgia

In 2018, the sheriff’s office of Athens Georgia dictated that it would no longer enforce a 48-hour detainer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement inmates who are not accused of any other crimes.

According to Fox5 News, In 2019, the city council of Athens Georgia passed a resolution welcoming immigrants "of all statuses."

The Center for Immigration Studies lists Athens, Georgia as a Sanctuary City.

On February 22 of 2024, a nursing student named Laken Riley was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant in Athens Georgia. Laken disappeared while on a jog on a Georgia college campus the week before. Riley, a student at Augusta University's campus in Athens, Ga., died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Georgia officials have since revealed gruesome details about the killing and accused Ibarra of “disfiguring her skull,” according to an arrest affidavit reviewed by People Magazine.
Laken Riley
Jose Ibarra, and illegal immigrant for Venezuela, has been charged in connection with Riley’s death. Ibarra is a Venezuelan citizen who entered the U.S. illegally in 2022, according to immigration authorities. He was later arrested in New York and charged with child molestation and endangerment, and then released into the public. New York City is a Sanctuary City within a Sanctuary State. Had New York abided by national immigration laws and cooperated with ICE and Homeland Security, Laken Riley would most likely be alive today.

Did Jose Ibarra go to Athens Georgia because the city council passed a resolution welcoming immigrants "of all statuses". We don't know, but resulutions like this are certainly a powerful magnet for many immigrants whose status is unauthorized. Why wouldn't it be? Why wouldn't any illegal immigrant with violent tendencies such as Jose Ibarra choose to go to cities such as Athens Georgia that welcome them and refuse to cooperate with federal authorities that are responsible for detaining and deporting them? On the contrary, illegal immigrants should flock to sanctuary states and cities and get out of states like Texas that enforce immigration laws.

The mayor of Athens Georgia, Kelly Girtz (Democrat), tried to make the claim that Athens Georgia is not a Sanctuary City, but at least one citizen of Athens, referred to him as a "left-wing nut job" after a meeting of the city council. Others heckled Girtz at a recent city meeting as a "liar," was has "blood on his hands,". He was repeatedly told he needed to resign as he attempted to dismiss "the notion of a sanctuary city."
Laken Riley

Fact Check

Is Athens Georgia a Sanctuary City?

Yes, Athens Georgia is a Sanctuary City based on the sheriff's office refusal to cooperate fully with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the city council's resolution welcoming immigrants "of all statuses" including illegal or unauthorized. Any claim to the contrary at the time of Laken Riley's murder, we consider to be untruthful.
Fact Check True

New York City

New York City is the largest sactuary city in the United States.

In 2023, the Mayor made the following comments on NBC News in a segment titled, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Welcomes Asylum Seekers Bused From Texas.

“As the mayor of the city of New York, I don’t weigh in on immigration issues, border issues. I have to provide services for families that are here and that’s what we are going to do, that’s our responsibility as a city. I’m proud that this is a Right to Shelter State, and we are going to continue to do that.

This is horrific when you think about what the Governor of Texas is doing, after a month of traveling across the border, placing on the bus with no direction, to come here to New York, and New York is a city that has always represented the Democratic values and the values of our city and that’s what we are doing here today.”

During the first term of Joe Biden, approximately 10,000,000 illegal immigrats will cross the border into Texas. By comparison, Eric Adams recently stated that the immigratn crisis provoked by 100,000 illegals being bused from Texas “will destroy New York City”. If New York City can be destroyed by 100,000 illegal immigrants then why isn't Eric Adams trying to ease the burden on Texas which has one hundred times as many?

Americans United calculated the state of New York should accommodate 826,554 immigrants to take its fair share of unauthorized entries during President Joe Biden’s first term in office, see Equitable Immigrant Resettlement Program.

If you are an illegal immigrant in Texas, why would you stay when the State is completely overwehlmed? You should go to a Sanctuary City like New York City or Chicago, or a Sactuary State like New Mexico or Colorado which have much fewer immigrants and which will give you free housing, free food, free healthcare, free cell phones, free plane tickets, and numerous other benefits that American citizens aren't eligible for.

Thank you for your support in making the United States of America a more equitable and unified nation.

Marc Bolh

Americans United

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Equitable Immigrant Resettlement Program

Experts estimate that there will be over 14 million unauthorized entries into the United States by the time Joe Biden finishes his 1st term. One thing we should agree upon is that all States should share the burden and benefits of immigration fairly, or equitably.

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