Equitable Immigrant Resettlement Program

How many unauthorized immigrants should each state accommodate?

Immigration Caravan heading towards the United States

Experts estimate that there will be over 14 million unauthorized entries into the United States by the time Joe Biden finishes his 1st term. One thing we should agree upon is that all States should share the burden and benefits of immigration fairly, or equitably.

But historically, this has not been the case. Border States such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico have received tens of millions of immigrants, while Northern States have received relatively few. In fact, the States with the most support for immigration, like Delaware, Massachusetts and Vermont, have far fewer immigrants per capita than border States. That's completely unfair, unjust and inequitable to use a few words that are trending in those same States.

To make matters worse, some politicians have declared publicly that mass immigration and open borders are simply a strategy for winning elections. Politicians like Joe Biden and Julian Castro have stated the DNC's goal to turn Texas into a Blue state like California by overwehlming it with illegal immigrants and giving them the right to vote.

Do most Americans want to flood the country with unauthorized immigrants to help politicians trying to manipulate elections? Absolutely not!

To resist this kind of brazen power grab we must start by sharing the burdens and benefits of mass migration equitably amongst the States. Specifically, Santuary Cities and States should take a much larger share of immigrants so that their political tactics are met with some degree of responsibility.

Do you want to know how many immigrants each State should take? Check out the table below.

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If you need help finding Politicians supporting open borders, take a look at this map of Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States that refuse to enforce federal laws pertaining to illegal immigration.


We're calling on all Americans to challenge politicians who have supported mass migration to the United States without allocating the proper funding to pay for housing, food, healthcare, education and other public services. This costs tax payers tens of thousands of dollars per immigrant.

Few Americans support spending hundreds of Billions of dollars on foreign nationals when so many of our own citizens are living in poverty or from paycheck to paycheck.

Here is an example of how to hold politicians' feet to the fire 🔥

Thank you for your support in making the United States of America a more equitable and unified nation.

Marc Bolh
Americans United

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