The 2nd Emancipation of Black America

Decades of Ideolgical Slavery are coming to an End

Emancipation Proclamation

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill into law. Privately, he told his political allies "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years." 1

Sixty years later, Johnson has been largely proven right. No other group has voted in such large numbers for one party. And the affect on National Unity has been disasterous. Democrats have shamelessly pitted "African Americans" against "Whites" screeming Racism on every street corner.

Democrats have called everything from math to highways racist and Joe Biden can't seem to give a speech with talking about White Supremacy. He even went as far as to say that "If you are having a hard time knowing whether to vote for me or Donald Trump, well then YOU AIN'T BLACK!"

Are "Blacks" doomed to 200 years of voting Democrat as Lyndon Johnson predicted?

Recent polls point to a crack in the Democrat's Strategy and we here at Americans United think that's fantastic. While we are mostly Independents, and we recognize the need for Political Parties, we abhor the Identity Politics that have been the hallmark of the Democratic Party for decades.

Table of Contents

1. Black Lady Confronts White Liberal
2. "I used to be a lifelong Democrat", Black Veteran
3. Smart Woman!
4. "Then You Ain't Black", Joe Biden, Breakfast Club
5. "I was wrong about him," Thomas Sowell

Black Woman: My point was that, Black kids in Chicago get killed every single day. Where is the Black Lives Matter in Chicago? Where are they?
When Black People kill Black people in Chicago, they don’t come out and do this crap? The only time the do this is when a White person kills a Black person. You’re the racist! You are the racist. It’s wrong for a White cop to kill a Black person, that’s for sure. But if it matters, it should matter at all times.

White Woman: So what are you fighting for? You are not here to fight injustice, you are here to cause drama.

Black Woman: A better message would be, Stop Violence. It’s not about Blacks.

White Woman: You’re in a unicorn world (to be verified).

Black Woman: You say that Blacks are oppressed. I am not oppressed. I am free.

White Woman: Good for you. That’s an individual person. What about a systemic issue?

Black Woman: I am Black, I do what I want. This is a country where if you have the skills you do what you want. You do it. Stop forcing on people that they are oppressed. I am not oppressed. I am Black. Stop making people accept that they are oppressed. You are forcing an idea into your mind which is not true. That’s my point. Violence is wrong period, it’s not about Blacks. You agree that Whites kill Whites too, right? Have you seen any White person come around and say White Lives Matter. No, violence is wrong.

White Woman: Yes we literally do, every time there is a Black Lives Matter Protest.

Black Woman: It’s a violence problem. It’s not a Black problem. It’s a balanced problem. The Blacks kill Blacks in Black neighborhoods every single day. I have never seen a Black Lives Matter in those neighborhoods. Never. Never.
When a Black person kills a Black person in a Black neighborhood, when the Police come, you know what they say? Snitches get stitches. Snitches get stitches (to be verified). But if a White person kills a Black person, White Lives Matter. Stop the Hypocrisy. Nobody takes you seriously. Nobody.
If it matters it should matter in Black neighborhoods. You start cleaning at home.

White Women: So why don’t you go?

Black Women: I’m not carrying anything saying Black Lives Matter. I know I matter. You guys are wasting everybody’s time. Blacks kill Blacks more than any race. Where is the Black Lives Matter.

I am Free, don’t try to make me believe that I am not free.

"I used to be a lifelong Democrat for years. But the Democrat Party got so far away from what my values are, especially as a Christian, you know, I'm for God I'm for my family and they just got so far away from it. I served my country as a marine for 21 years and my wife's Navy but for 23 and a half years. How are you going to not step up for the people who are you know are defending you. So that's why."

Smart Woman!: "I'm going to tell you something right now... when I really started educating myself and informing myself on Donald Trump... one thing that I'm passionate about is human trafficing, especially of children. And when I really started digging into it, I saw that Trump also is a huge supporter. He donated recently $35 million to support human trafficking survivors. That really struck a chord with my heart... I'm about action, I'm not about words, ok? I like the fact that he says what's on his mind. I like the fact that he doesn't say what he thinks people want to hear from him. And to me, I know everything that he has done for the Black community and I stand behind him 100%. I'm not only a Trump supporter, I'm a Trump lover. And for the longest time I've been afraid to come out and say that. Because I didn't want to lose my Blackness or my Black friends or whatever."

Reporter: "Remember what Joe Biden said, if you vote for Trump you ain't Black."

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or Trump, then you ain't Black."

Smart Woman!: "That's what he said. What an idiot."

"You got more questions, but I'll tell, if you have problems figuring out whether you are for me or Trump, then you ain't Black!" Joe Biden

Michael Austin host of Uncommon Ground
Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, see Wikipedia

Michael Austin: This is from the State of the Union Address this past January.

Thomas Sowell: This will be my first time to hear it.

President Trump: Something I'm very proud of, African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever in recorded history.

Michael Austin: Oh my, this may be the statistic isn't quite right.

Thomas Sowell: No it is, it is, it is.

Michael Austin: Yeah, and there you see a shot you see Republicans standing and applauding and there you see a shot of Democrats who are sitting on their hands including many members of the Black Caucus yes in Congress. What do you make of that?

Thomas Sowell: As with so many other groups around the world, the leaders of groups that are lagging are often themselves the one of the biggest handicaps of those groups, because they have to depict the problems in ways that will allow them to play the role of Rescuers and so there'll be no talk about how you can do this or that for yourself. They'll be talking about what we can get the government to deliver for you and usually that that's a lot of words and things that have bad effects.

Ebony Whitman

Ebony Whitman is a pen name and avatar representing input from numerous people to this article. We have drawn on the viewpoints of people with skin colors across the spectrum, mostly brown, but even including people with shades of pink, beige and other colors. And if you turned green reading the article, then feel free to contact us and tell us why, and we may include your perspective as well, if we feel it helps to unify the country. As explained above, none of the people contributing to this article could accurately be described as a "White person" or a "Black person".

1. Lyndon B. Johnson (Wikipedia)

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