Do you think America is too divided? Would you like to help unify the country? We need your help!

Several open position are described below. They are volunteer position without pay. However, we will record the hours invested and we plan to pay volunteers retroactively when we raise funds.


・ Promote the work of our researchers and writers on our blog and media channels.
・ Find initiatives that align with our mission, such as the Bipartisan Index at the Lugar Center.
・ Contact with the leaders of these initiatives and establish co-promotion partnerships.


・ Identify issues with broad support such as improving infrastructure, equal opportunity and financial responsibility.
・ Refine the scope of support for issues such as gun safety to maximize consensus.
・ Create surveys to test consensus for these issues.
・ Write position papers to define support and educate the public.
・ Outlines of articles can be found on our Issues page.


・ Identify and deploy useful technologies.
・ Setup membership database and webpage for people to join Americans United.
・ Choose email platform to manage outbound communication and user preferences.
・ Select social media marketing tools and work with other partners to implement them.


・ Search databases such as Grants.gov for opportunities relevant to our mission.
・ Apply to grants do the follow-up work necessary to be awarded the project.
・ Develop campaigns with other parters to solicit donations on our website and media channels.
・ Identify potential donors and inform them of our progress.

Are there other ways you can help?

Contact me by email at volunteer@americans-united.us and suggest a role. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of experience. We need passionate partners to unify America regardless of age or background.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Marc Bolh
Americans Untied