Vince Everett Ellison on Tucker Carlson

Transcript of comments mady by Ellison on Tucker Carlson in October 2023

Vince Everett Ellison on Tucker Carlson October 2023

Tucker: What do we do with the knowledge that George Floyd was not actually strangled to death by a cop?

Vince: We have to acknowledge the people that gave it to us and why. See, George Floyd is the Democratic Party’s prototypical Black man. These are the Black men they are trying to create. So George Floyd has to be elevated. He has to be celebrated. He’s perfect to them. He’s poor, he was uneducated, he was a drug addict, he didn’t have a job, he was down there begging an crying for the White people to not kill him. To a White Democrat, this is the perfect Black man. So he has to be elevated.

Look, a few days ago, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden celebrated Hip Hop music.

Kamala Harris: Hip Hop culture is America’s culture. It is a genre. It is music and melody and rhyme. And Hip Hop is also an ethos.

Vince: A music genre, that calls the Black man the N-word, that calls women the W-word and the B-word. It talks about misogyny, shooting police, smoking dope, selling dope, fighting, killing, acting the fool. They celebrated this genre. Why? Because this is how they see Black America. They see us the same way they see George Floyd. And they have to make more of us because everywhere they rule, you know John F Kennedy stood in front of the Berlin Wall in the 60s and said, “If you think that Communism is great, let them come to Berlin”. Well if you think the Democratic Party is great, then come to Detroit, let them come to Chicago, let them come to Saint Louis, LA, Portland, Seattle, Memphis, anywhere they rule, you will see George Floyds all over the place. And they’re proud of them.

In Baltimore Maryland, they spend $21,000 per child in the school district, not one child was proficient in math, science or reading but they keep it going every year. Why? Because they are producing George Floyds. And George Floyds vote for the Democrat Party.

Tucker: When normal people look at George Floyd’s life, they think this is a disaster, this guy never added anything, he took a lot, he went to prison at least 8 times. His life was a tragedy at best. Why would you want more people like that?

Vince: Because he votes for the Democratic Party. Then he teaches his children to vote for the Democrat Party. And then these White Democrats can feel superior to him. They can be controlled by them. Think about the old slave plantations, Tucker, back in the day. How they wanted their slaves to act. Subserviant, obediant, ignorant. Doing what he was told. Not asking any questions. Having a slave mind. Being dependent on “them”. This is how they want Black men to be in America. This is how they want the whole Black community to be.

It started in the Civil Rights mouvement, when Martin Luther King in his “I have a dream” speech said, one hundred years after the Emmancipation Proclamation, the negro is still not free. He said five times in that speech that we were not free. It turned the Declaration of Independence on its head. Because in our Declaration of Independence it said, that our Freedom was an unalienable right, given to us by God.

John Lock, in his second treatise of government said, that an unalienable right, is a right, given from God, it is irrevocable, non-transferable, and unsellable. The government cannot touch it. It supercede’s Law. It supercede’s the Constitution.

However, Dr. King said, we were coming to the government and the White man for our right to be free. Even at the end of the speech he said, on some certain day, we will be free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we’ll be free at last.

He said in that speech, “When will we be satisfied?”. He said that we will never be satisfied until justice rolls down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. That’s a fancy way of saying “Never”.

And so Black people heard that speech and said that we were not free here in America. And we make our children recite that speech every single year on King’s Birthday. And they say in that speech, the negro is still not free. George Floyd was a slave in his mind. And the Civil Rights mouvement cause him to be a slave in his mind. And today they are still marching, sixty years later, telling Black people, you’re not free, therefore reparations, therefore affirmative action, kill you children in the womb, castrate your children, let Drag Queens come into schools and shake their behinds in your childrens’ faces, run God out of the public square, and then they end up like George Floyd.

But the one thing they do consistently, is they vote for the Democrat Party, and the places where George Floyds live, they [Democrats] stay in absolute power.

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