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Board Member

Americans United is looking for a partner to join our Board at the Foundation for Unity and Properity (UP).

Our mission can be summarized in the statements below.

We advocate for the unity of all Americans and their well-being.
We seek common ground on issues of importance and call out those who sow division.
We provide services to help people achieve financial prosperity and general well-being.

UP operates two websites and several social media channels.
Americans United
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The ideal candidate should align with our mission and be passionate about finding solutions.

If you are interested, please contact us by email


The Foundation for Unity and Prosperity (UP) operates several projects dedicated to improving life for every day Americans.

We are looking for a fundraiser and grant writer to help us gather the means to further our mission.

Some of our initiatives advocate for National Unity by promoting those who bring us together and deconstructing the narratives of those who divide us. We believe political parties have incentives to emphasize our differences in order to collect donations and acquire power. We believe the media has an incentive to stir up animosities to get eyeballs and sell advertising. We believe our education system has been infiltrated by political operatives and needs to return to being a non-partisan actor.

While most of our members are Independents, and we do not receive funds from any political party, we won’t hesitate to criticize one party, when we feel it serves our mission.

For example, we believe that Biden Democrats are largely to blame for stirring up division through identity politics. The Democratic Party would better serve our nation by returning to its traditional values such as defending free-speech and advocating for the middle-class.

To cite an example from the other side of the political spectrum, we believe the Republican Party should embrace alternative energy sources such as wind and solar to increase our energy independence, improve energy security for all Americans and mitigate the risks of global warming.

Other projects seek to bring prosperity to everyday Americans by teaching them the principals of savings, investment and entrepreneurship.

We are looking for partners to help us raise money to accelerate the positive impacts of our initiatives for all Americans.

The ideal candidate should have experience fundraising for charitable organizations or political groups. Or, they should have great ideas on how to do it.

They should be an independent thinker with a track record of supporting non-partisan efforts or partisan efforts from all sides of the political spectrum.

Remuneration is commensurate with experience and the quality of your ideas on how to promote UP. The right person will look at this as a higher calling and not as a paycheck.

The time requirement is 5 to 10 hours a week. A good candidate could be a freelancer or student with a flexible schedule.

If you are interested, please send an email to and explain why you are motivated to work with us how you plan to succeed in this position. Please include links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as well so we can verify your identity and social media savvy.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marc Bolh
Americans United

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