Writers Wanted to Unite America

Americans United is looking for writers to blog about political issues. The objective is to inform the public about the history and relavent statistics, and frame the discussion around consensus.

Outlines of the articles can be seen below. Authors should be open to presenting balanced viewpoints and recommendations.

Basic knowledge of html is a plus and seo is a plus. But if you are a good writer and passionate about unify americans, I will teach you the rest.

To apply, email volunteer@americans-united.us describing why you are motivated to participate and relevant experience.

Infrastructure Spending

  • Current state of infrastructure, rating by Association of Civil Engineers
  • History, interstate highways, building schools
  • How it benefits the economy, benefits all members of society
  • Where does the money comes from; city, state, federal
  • Support, polls, position of political groups
  • recommendations


  • What is it
  • How does it affect politics
  • Alternatives, initiatives, California?, Maine?
  • Support, polls, position of political groups
  • recommendations

Congressional Term-Limits

  • History for term limits for President, but not for Congress, Supreme Court
  • Alternatives, previous attempts, congressional push-back
  • Problems, favors wealthy?, revolving door?, lobbyists?
  • Support, polls, position of political groups
  • recommendations

Gun Safety

  • Statistics; homicide, suicide, protection against attack
  • History, 2nd amendment, limitations, previous initiatives, example assault weapon bans
  • Position of law enforcement
  • Issues; background checks, gun-show loophole, assault weapons, bumpstocks
  • NRA, political terrorism?, where does funding come from?, current investigation (Russia)
  • Groups like Every Town for Gun Safety
  • Nuances between “gun safety” and “gun control”
  • Support for which issues = background checks? polls, position of political groups
  • recommendations

Political Duopoly

  • History
  • Positive & nagative aspects of political parties
  • Alternatives; proportional represention, other
  • Advantages of 3 or more parties; fulrum startegy (see Unite America), compromise
  • Support, polls
  • recommendations


  • See article by David Frum in the Atlantic and consider quoting.
  • Graph of immigration by year since 1900, other key statistics
  • Negative effect on democracy; rise of authoritarianism, cultural clashes
  • Alternatives; aid to countries in difficulty, nearest safe country enforcement
  • Where is there consensus; path to citizenship for dreamers, guest worker programs, increasing asylum judges, reforming asylum criteria, building a wall
  • How hardliners have stalled progress
  • Recommendations to reframe the discussion to areas of consensus


  • History
  • Facts & Statistics; current laws, New York State (lighting the freedom tower pink)
  • Organizations; planned parenthood, conservative groups
  • Position of Democrates and Repulicans
  • Break down into specific issues; funding by organizations
  • Path to compromise
  • recommendations

Fiscal Responsibility

  • History
  • Facts & Graphs
  • Break down of spending and revenues
  • Budget process
  • Reform Alternatives; balanced budget amendments, government agency like SEC
  • recommendations


  • History; slavery, women suffrage, affirmative action
  • Equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome
  • Alternatives; reparations, quotas (public company board members in California), socioeconomics
  • Polarization; Republicans & Democrats
  • Identity politics
  • Recommendations


  • History (NATO, USSR, Middle East)
  • Industrial military complex
  • Facts and statistics (military spending per country)
  • Lobbying, funding
  • Necessity for world police; UN or US, Pax Romana
  • Recommendations for smart-sizing the military

Most Partisan Members of Congress

  • History and Statistics (Bipartisan Index at the Lugar Center)
  • Ranking methodology
  • Top eleven most partisan members of congress

How the Media Makes Money from Division

  • History; press, radio, television
  • The rise of cable news
  • Sensationalism as a tool to increase ratings
  • Human nature; tribalism, conflict
  • Recommendations

Are there other topics you would like to write about?

Contact me by email at volunteer@americans-united.us and make a suggestion. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of experience. We need passionate partners to unify America regardless of age or background.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Marc Bolh
Americans Untied